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How free agent Michael Oher stacks up against Kansas City Chiefs OTs

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Joe Robbins/Getty Images

I was thinking about this when I saw the news come down that the Tennessee Titans released offensive tackle Michael Oher.

What would the Kansas City Chiefs do with another offensive tackle like Oher?

Currently, their tackle situation is murky. But I don't think Oher is the answer. Eric Fisher is set in stone as the left tackle. The Chiefs have free agent-to-be Ryan Harris and Donald Stephenson at right tackle. Harris, according to PFF, was one of the two best tackles in the AFC West. Stephenson is young enough and played well enough in 2013 that I hope the Chiefs aren't giving up on him. Those are two young tackles, at least one of which you're probably going to want to keep.

So my question isn't so much about whether the Chiefs need to improve at tackle. They do, obviously. It's about someone like Oher, who did not play noticeably better than Harris or Stephenson last season. Oher was the 75th rated tackle in 2014. The Titans didn't think he was worth the $3.3 million his contract was set to guarantee him if he wasn't cut on Thursday, a contract signed last year for $20 million over four years. (To be fair, he was injured last year; maybe he'll play much better next year. What do I know?)

With limited resources (see: salary cap), I need a definite upgrade.

We'll continue to keep an eye on the free agency market but at first glance Oher doesn't seem to be the answer for the Chiefs. The answer may not be the player who is a cap casualty between now and the start of free agency on March 10. They would need to find someone better than Harris and / or Stephenson, which would seem more likely to come in the draft rather than free agency.

So, Michael Oher ... yay or nay?