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NFL power rankings: The highs and lows of the Kansas City Chiefs

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Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

A collection of media outlets have done their final NFL power rankings for the 2014-15 season, and the Kansas City Chiefs are ranked as high as No. 14 and as low as No. 20 in the power rankings I checked out. No. 14 seems about right ... right around the middle of the pack as they were this season. No. 20 seems somewhat low unless this is my homerism coming in. The Chiefs floor seems somewhat high with Andy Reid and Alex Smith (it's that dang ceiling they're working on).

Here's what the NFL media is saying about the Chiefs. 14

Boy, this team would be pretty good if it had a wide receiver ... [ cough] or two or three [ cough]. Hopefully the draft will be kind to Alex Smith, providing him with someone who can both catch the ball and bring said ball with him into the end zone. Of course, most talk in Kansas City these days centers on whether or not the organization will pay Justin Houston. Let's face it: He's going to command a huge salary, fresh off a 22-sack season. The guess here is the Chiefs will retain him, because if that doesn't happen, no way K.C. ranks this high.

USA Today Sports: 17

Can't wait to find out what a player who had 22 sacks in a season is worth ... and neither can Justin Houston.

Yahoo! Sports: 18

Stating the obvious: They’re not going very far with those receivers. The good news is they have a lot of other pieces. Losing Justin Houston in free agency would hurt though.

CBS Sports: 20

What will they do with Justin Houston? There is no way they can let him walk.