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Would Chiefs' Andy Reid have passed or rushed in the Seahawks Super Bowl situation?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks decision to pass the ball (and get it intercepted) on the 1-yard line in the waning seconds of Super Bowl XLIX has me thinking what Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid would do in that situation. I would hope he would give Jamaal Charles (or Dontari Poe!) a chance to win the game. But any Chiefs or Eagles fan can probably think of a situation where Reid passed it when he should have run it.

The Chiefs had 23 second and one situations this season. Fourteen of those were runs and nine of those were passes. The Chiefs converted 12 of the 14 rushes to first downs while they converted four of the nine passes to first downs.

The Chiefs had 22 third and one opportunities this year. There were 15 runs to seven passes in those situations. Nine of those 15 runs went for a first down while four of the seven passes did.

The Chiefs had four fourth and one situations, ran it on all of them and converted on three of those.

None of those came in the final minute of the Super Bowl though.

So would Andy Reid have passed it or run it in the Seahawks situation?