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Could Chiefs' Justin Houston command two first round picks?

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs are widely expected to apply the franchise tag to Justin Houston sometime before Monday afternoon's deadline. Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio brings up a good point about the franchise tag.

The Chiefs will have the option of applying the exclusive or non-exclusive tag to Houston. The non-exclusive tag would allow other teams to offer Houston a contract. And if the Chiefs don't match, the other team must send the Chiefs two first round picks and they would have the rights to Houston.

The risk of another team offering up a monster contract offer and willing to part with two first round picks has always been there and it isn't very high. In other words, this isn't a very realistic situation based on past history. Teams value their draft picks so much that it's such a risk to two first round picks. In addition to that, whoever is willing to give up those draft picks must also be willing to sign Houston to a monster contract. We're talking one of the bigger contracts in the NFL, so there are only so many teams who could be in play.

I don't expect a situation like this to arise. It hasn't happened in the past so I can't imagine it happening now. But if someone did offer something ... would you at least consider two first round picks for Houston? I would have to at least think about it, knowing Houston plays a premium position and is the focal point of the Chiefs defense. Because he's so important I probably wouldn't do it ... but two first round picks is enticing.

So, here's the scenario:

Houston gets tagged.

Someone else offers him a contract.

Do you match the offer or take two first round picks?