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Baltimore Ravens cut Chris Canty, who once visited the Kansas City Chiefs

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens have reportedly released defensive lineman Chris Canty, according to a report from the Baltimore Sun's Aaron Wilson. Canty had been considering retirement at one point, according to Wilson, but intends to play in 2015.

I bring up his name because Canty once visited the Kansas City Chiefs. Back in February 2013 when the Chiefs still had Glenn Dorsey and Mike DeVito was just a twinkle in their eye, there was apparently some interest before Canty ended up signing in Baltimore with the Ravens, who saved almost $3 million off the cap with his release on Friday. Canty reportedly said back then that the Chiefs "rolled out the red carpet" for him on his visit.

Two years later, the Chiefs are reportedly contemplating a pay cut with DeVito and Canty becomes available. Canty is now 32 years old so obviously the circumstances are different this time around, especially with the Chiefs cap space.

The Chiefs have some young players on the defensive line in Allen Bailey, Jaye Howard and even Mike Catapano (who appears to be recovering). Vance Walker is entering the second year of his three-year contract after not playing as much as we originally thought in year one. That would be the part-time, veteran defensive linemen role that I would guess Canty would have to be in -- if the Chiefs were interested, which we don't know whether they are.

Does Chris Canty's name interest you for the Chiefs?