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ESPN's Mel Kiper wonders if the Chiefs or Eagles will trade up for Marcus Mariota

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN's Mel Kiper and Todd McShay have a weekly NFL Draft podcast and on this week's edition they got to talking about the second pick in the draft and that if a team wants Oregon QB Marcus Mariota they might need to be moving up to that second pick (assuming Florida State QB Jameis Winston goes first).

Kiper thinks the Chiefs could be one of the teams to watch out for in a trade up for Marcus Mariota. I just don't see that happening ... but what do I know? Here's what Kiper said when asked about whether the Titans second pick is the key to the draft.

"I guess if you want to say that Philadelphia or Kansas City is going to move up to get from where they're picking, which is 18 and 20, to try to get Mariota," Kiper said. "Is Tennessee willing to move down there far? Is another team going to be interested in moving up so they don't have to drop all the way to that 18 or 20 spot? Are they going to offers for that pick? You don't know.

"Leonard Williams is the guy you will pencil in. Todd [McShay] and I talk to people when we do these mock first rounds and everyone I've spoken to says they're not taking a quarterback. They're not taking Mariota or Winston at two, they're going with Leonard Williams and they're going to build around Zach Mettenberger as best they can throughout the draft and free agency. We'll see what happens there. It's not evidently going to be a quarterback.

"But those trade ups, you can't project them in a mock but you can certainly talk about them here. I think the Eagles and the Chiefs are two teams that if Mariota doesn't go one would certainly maybe a possibility they jump up. Maybe not as high as two but if he drops a little further than that then I think it would be a possibility Mariota is someone they could possibly grab in a tradeup."

So there is "certainly maybe a possibility" that the Chiefs trade up to get Marcus Mariota. Glad that's settled.