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If Chargers and Raiders move to Los Angeles, who stays in the AFC West?

Brian Bahr/Getty Images

The San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders seeking a new stadium could eventually result in a shakeup of the AFC West.

Everyone knows the St. Louis Rams are making their run at the Los Angeles market after owner Stan Kroenke committed to building a stadium there. The Chargers and Raiders recently revealed their own proposal to move to Los Angeles and share a stadium together.

IF that scenario happened with both teams moving to LA and sharing a stadium, one of those teams would likely have to move to the NFC. As Sports Illustrated's Peter King has pointed out, with LA as the No. 2 market, both CBS (AFC) and Fox (NFC) would want a slice of that. That means both teams can't be in the same conference.

So, would the Raiders or Chargers leave the AFC West?

The answer should be the Chargers. Chiefs fans should want the Chargers to leave the AFC West and join the NFC. The rivalry with the Chiefs and Raiders is much stronger than the Chiefs and Chargers. Plus, I'd put money on the Raiders being a bad team for a while longer which would help the Chiefs in the short-term. (Sorry, Oakland, I can't help myself)

Here is Peter King's speculation:

This is all speculation, but I could see Oakland staying in the AFC West and San Diego moving to the NFC West to join a more geographically aligned division. It would be easy for the St. Louis Rams to move to the AFC West because it would mean the Rams and Chiefs would be able to form the kind of cross-state rivalry that could be excellent for both teams, and especially the occasionally attendance-strapped Rams.

That would create these divisions:

AFC West: Chiefs, (LA) Raiders, Broncos, Rams

NFC West: (LA) Chargers, Cardinals, 49ers, Seahawks

I could get on board with that. Of course, it has to actually happen first, which it may not with Rams owner Stan Kroenke already building a stadium in LA. If the vote were up to me, I would say yes. I would be less likely to be on board with anything that has the Raiders leaving.