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Where the Kansas City Chiefs rank in the use of analytics

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs and NFL teams in general are pretty secretive about things that may reveal their strategy, and that includes analytics. The average fan may not realize it but the Chiefs do use analytics in their approach. Don't ask me exactly what that is because the Chiefs probably aren't going to tell us and give any other team an advantage.

ESPN has this neat feature where they rank each pro sports team in how they use analytics. The Chiefs are one of nine NFL teams in the "Believers" category. ESPN writes:

Chiefs coach Andy Reid bought into analytics during his tenure with the Eagles, and in 2013 he brought Mike Frazier, his long-time statistical analysis coordinator, with him from Philadelphia. Frazier has the coach's trust, which is often the missing element for NFL teams with analytics staffers, in advocating detailed information that includes win probability scenarios.

Reid's proclivity for throwing the ball during his time in Philadelphia was at times ridiculed in the media, but in hindsight it had solid grounding in data that demonstrated the running game had been overvalued according to the evolving NFL passing rules. Reid was a leader at the time using screen plays as substitutes for run calls.

Chiefs GM John Dorsey comes across as very old school but as long as he has people around him utilizing these tools it can work. Dorsey was once described like this: "Insiders say he's known as a savant who wants to memorize every player's hand size."

I would love, love, love to be a fly on the wall during one of their analytics meetings to see what types of stats or trends they're using to help them in their analysis. It can come in handy in just about every facet of the game from the NFL Draft to play calling.

Check out the whole piece here.