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Chiefs free agency: What is the backup plan for Rodney Hudson?

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One of the reasons it was important for the Kansas City Chiefs to sign Dwayne Bowe to a five-year contract before the 2013 season was because of what was behind Bowe -- not very much. The Chiefs opted for the known with Bowe rather than the unknown without Bowe.

A similar situation seems to be developing with Rodney Hudson, the Chiefs center who is set to be a free agent in March. The Chiefs may not have much of an idea of what they have behind Hudson.

If Hudson leaves in free agency, what would the Chiefs do?

Eric Kush, who was drafted in the sixth round two seasons ago, has not played a regular season game. He might be the answer to Hudson potentially leaving in free agency ... or he might not be. We don't really know much about him.

The Chiefs could look to the free agent market for their next center. Hudson is at the top of the free agent center market so they would have to go cheaper which would (in theory) mean a player who is not as good as Hudson. A downgrade on an already questionable offensive line.

Then there's the draft. The Chiefs could have as many as four extra compensatory picks this year and if any of those come in the mid rounds, the Chiefs could be looking for centers there. The problem with this approach is you don't know going in if your guy(s) will be there. What if the Chiefs went into the draft and didn't get a center? It would be May and they wouldn't know who their starting center would be (unless they're planning on Kush).

I really want the Chiefs to keep Hudson but I recognize that he has played his way into a very nice contract. The Chiefs don't have a lot of cap space. They will need to prioritize. Where does Hudson fit on that list of priorities?