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Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs News 2/23

Good morning. Here is today's Kansas City Chiefs news. Enjoy.

Mike Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

What We Learned From Some of the NFL's Top Analysts at the Scouting Combine from The Mothership

On the Chiefs' offseason

Bowen: "They need more talent at wide receiver, they do. Let's just be honest. You need guys you can have on the field. You need opportunities for Alex Smith to make plays. You need to go to Jamaal Charles and say 'Jamaal, we're not going to put it all on you this game. We're going to lengthen your career now. You're a great player, you're a superstar, you're a Pro Bowl talent at running back. We need to help you out as well' ... Justin Houston, I expect him back, I hope he's back. You can never have enough pass rushers. Never. Let's say you have 10 good pass rushers. Get number 11. Do it. You can never have enough guys. You need depth there and you need to get after the quarterback."

2015 NFL Scouting Combine: Day Five from The Mothership

Missouri defensive end Shane Ray, who is projected to be a first-round draft pick, did not work with the defensive end group on Sunday because of injury.

"When I think about the kind of player I am, and my determination, I'm a competitor," he said. "I want to be the best to come out, point-blank, period. Unfortunately [Sunday] I won't be able to perform because of an injury I had in my foot.

"So everything that's listed for [Sunday] ... I'll be doing on my pro day."

Meet the Penn State Offensive Tackle Who Wants to Make a Name for Himself from The Mothership

"I'm very confident in my play and what I can do on the field," he said. "Either way it unfolded, I knew I could go out there and compete.

"It was just the competitiveness in me and the confidence I have in my abilities."

Besides ability, Smith offers a proven track record of versatility because of the amount of turnover he dealt with during his three-year career at Penn State. Video: NFL Analysts Talk Chiefs Offseason Video: Adam Schefter: "They need playmakers on that side" Video: Adam Caplan: "Reid, Dorsey will be aggressive" Video: Jason La Canfora: "You continue to beef up the OL" Video: Matt Bowen: "They need more talent at WR"

A look at Jeremy Maclin and the Eagles other free agents from

Keep Maclin and Matthews could settle in as a very good No. 2. Cooper, despite the fact the fans don't like him, is a good No. 3 and Huff could work his way into that role over the course of a season.

Plus a team can't let DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin both leave within a year's time. Unless that team is the Sixers and they given up on that whole winning thing.

Maclin has made it clear he wants to stay. It's also become clear that Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs are going to make a run at him if he hits the open market. His other home-town team, St. Louis, may do so as well.

Chances are if he makes it to March 10, he won't be an Eagle, March 11.

2015 NFL Combine- Sunday from TFY Draft Insider

Word at the combine has the Kansas City Chiefs very high on East Carolina receiver Justin Hardy, which makes perfect sense. Hardy's route running skills, ability to separate in underneath coverage and dependable hands would fit a hole in the Chiefs offense.

Quinn reportedly hopes to make comeback from 4029TV

The newspaper reported that Quinn is working out in Florida with quarterback coach Jeff Christensen, who counts Patriots backup Jimmy Garoppolo among his past pupils.

Quinn, 30, is currently a college football and NFL game analyst for FOX Sports.

Frank Bodani: Red Land graduate, NFL player Mike Cox looks to preserve cognitive health from

Two days packed with MRIs, brain scans and blood work. Then, meetings with psychologists, neurologists, nutritionists and physical therapists. Hours of memory tests and brain games.

And Red Land High grad Mike Cox claims it was one of the best things he ever did. This "brain and body assessment" is part of a recent initiative designed by the NFL Players Association, to help former players...

"...I really didn't think about it much when I was playing," he said. "It's just part of my position. You get your bell rung, you're doing your job."

You don't think about it until something forces you to.

Just like his last NFL contract with the Atlanta Falcons. He said it contained a brain-injury clause that enabled the team to release him if he suffered another concussion.

And he knew others who had it so much worse, even tragically so. Former Kansas City Chiefs teammate and linebacker Jovan Belcher, only 25, shot his girlfriend to death then killed himself two years ago. Since, tests revealed that he showed signs of CTE.