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What Adam Schefter said about the Kansas City Chiefs and WRs in free agency

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN's Adam Schefter knows seemingly everything going on in the NFL. Unfortunately, he did not tell us who the Kansas City Chiefs were drafting but he did speak with the Chiefs website about the plan in free agency coming up on March 10.

Every analyst mentions receiver when talking about the Chiefs needs -- hey, did you guys hear the Chiefs receivers didn't catch a touchdown pass last year? -- and Schefter was no different. Pete Sweeney at asked Schefter which receivers could interest the Chiefs in free agency.

"The problem is that a lot of the names that are on the market are going to come off the market quickly. Larry Fitzgerald was somebody that might have been out there and he's going to get a restructured deal done with Arizona and then Andre Johnson may have to restructure but then that'll probably get done with Houston. And Randall Cobb may get done with Green Bay and Jeremy Maclin may get done with Philadelphia and Demaryius Thomas gets tagged, and Dez Bryant gets tagged and all of a sudden the guys that were the best free agents at that position aren't really available.

Are you better off drafting wide receivers? Are you better off trading for a wide receiver? -Adam Schefter

"So now you're down to the second tier guys and then you have to say are you better off drafting wide receivers? Are you better off trading for a wide receiver? You have to figure it out. Again, the Chiefs know that's important, to go find a wide receiver or two or three and the question is what avenues and outlets you want to use to go get one."

Check out the full video here.

Justin Houston is one of the top players scheduled to be a free agent so you see stories around the league about folks that think their team should go after Houston. The problem is that, like many of the players listed above, there's a zero percent chance Houston is getting to free agency. Every year, many of the top free agents end up staying with their team because, as it turns out, teams don't like losing good players. That's the rub with free agency -- players are only available because their own team wouldn't re-sign them (or is unable to re-sign them in some cases).

Back to the Chiefs receivers. Whether the Chiefs go hard at receivers in free agency or the draft could depend on Dwayne Bowe. If Bowe is in house, I can see an argument for the Chiefs drafting a receiver instead. If Bowe leaves Kansas City, the Chiefs really need to go after a receiver in free agency, preferably signing one in the first couple of days. Or the Chiefs could do both -- sign someone in free agency and draft a receiver fairly high. I don't think anyone would complain or disagree if the Chiefs did that.