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Chiefs GM John Dorsey on Justin Houston staying in KC, 2015 NFL Draft and Alex Smith

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

If you like hearing interviews where the Kansas City Chiefs GM says Justin Houston isn't going anywhere then boy do I have some audio for you! Chiefs GM John Dorsey joined Sirius XM NFL Radio at the NFL Combine and the first question was predictably about Justin Houston and his contract. Dorsey did not use the words "franchise tag" but he made it clear once again that Houston is not going anywhere. Dorsey has been saying this for months so that's nothing new.

The Chiefs GM also talked about the depth in this draft. He said that if you don't think there's good talent available in a draft, you're probably not a personnel man because there is always talent to be had -- you just have to find it. He was also asked about Alex Smith and he said he thinks he has been doing a good job.

Listen to the full thing below.