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Transcript: Chiefs GM John Dorsey NFL Combine press conference

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

John Dorsey spoke to the media at the NFL Combine on Thursday. Here is a transcript of his Q&A (via Chiefs PR).

OPENING STATEMENT: "Good afternoon everybody. It's always a pleasure to be here at the combine. It kind of gives the organization the chance to get to see the draft class of 2015 and get a chance to watch them compete, get the chance to talk to them and that's kind of fun. So, we'll take your questions as we speak."

Q: Can you talk about the running back group. This is a rare group.

DORSEY: "I think there's some exceptional players in this draft at the running back position. We met with a few of them last night over in our team room. I just can't wait to go see some of them compete as they go along in this process. I know the guys that we met with, we all liked those guys, but from a sheer talent level there's some really special players in this year's draft."

Q: What can you learn here as opposed to a pro day?

DORSEY: "Well, I think they're two different venues. I think the first one is you're competing against your peers. You're competing against guys that they've all heard about and seen about. They want to measure themselves. With that, you want to see them as a person, how they interact with each other, but I think the competitive nature of the individual kind of rises itself up in these situations."

I think there's some exceptional players in this draft at the running back position. We met with a few of them last night over in our team room.

Q: How hard is it to judge great quarterbacks based on if they do or do not participate in drills?

DORSEY: "No, you know it's kind of interesting that the evolution of the spread option game has kind of expanded the field out. You see more high school guys prepared to play that style of offense and that is building its way up to the college and the pro levels. I think there are really good prospects coming that are coming out at this draft this year and again, it's my understanding that the top players are going to compete and throw and that speaks volumes for those guys. They're not afraid to show who they are."

Q: Can you give us your comments on the development of De'Anthony Thomas, Albert Wilson and where they've excelled and how their roles may be expanded in the next year or two?

DORSEY: "I think that when you have excellent athletes and you combine that with really good coaches and teachers that allowed them to develop. Based off their performances last year, I think they did a really nice job in terms of developing, filling that role that was needing to be filled and as we've always said, in year two or year three you want to see great strides and these guys will attack the offseason with vengeance, and they'll come back ready to play. And we'll see where they are, but I'm very happy with both of those players that you talked about."

Q: Andy Reid talked yesterday about the release of Donnie Avery and A.J. Jenkins. There are now openings in that position. What are you seeing out of prospects here at the combine?

DORSEY: "Well, I think this draft class, I think the receiver position, I think there is some depth there. They are very similar to the draft class of last year, but I think the overall depth of this speaks volumes. There's players to be had in this draft class that can help contribute."

Q: There's been back-to-back years of good wide receiver groups. Is this maybe a trend or are colleges doing something different with their offense?

I think the receiver position, I think there is some depth there. They are very similar to the draft class of last year, but I think the overall depth of this speaks volumes.

DORSEY: "It could be. There's a trend coming here because of the way that offenses are now being ushered in and how everybody's passing the ball a little bit more. Guys are becoming more skilled and have more depth in running routes, catching the ball. They understand there's a balance within that position to make some strides in the NFL. If you go around the country and kind of see these high school programs, they're starting to play this very similar offense and they're more prepared to get to the college ranks and like I said, into the pro ranks as well to play the game."

Q: Can you share your thoughts on why Ron Wolf got voted into the Hall of Fame

DORSEY: "I couldn't be happier for the man. From a professional and a personal standpoint, he's meant a lot to me, not only as a friend, but he's taught me from a professional standpoint how to do certain things the right way. If there is anybody, I think both Bill (Polian) and Ron will be applauded for being elected to the Hall of Fame because I worked with Ron so long I think it's very meaningful for all of us who have been associated with him."

Q: Why did it not work out with Donnie Avery?

DORSEY: "The two years that Donnie was with us, I applaud everything that he has done for the organization. Sometimes it doesn't work out, and I think that it was maybe certain things that didn't work out for him. He got slowed this year and that set him back a little bit and he got slowed the year before. That set him back. So, he really never got to show his true skills of what he could do to help the Kansas City Chiefs. I wish Donnie all the best in the future to come."

Q: With the emergence of Knile Davis last season was he there to preserve Jamaal Charles or is that a player you're looking to get more involved as far as the running back position next year?

DORSEY: "I think anytime in the National Football League, you can have complimentary (running) backs to help Jamaal Charles, to take some of the time off of him. I think that just helps the entire offense. It helps Jamaal down the road and now gives Knile the chance to get some experience to play the game. As you move forward, when you have coach like Andy (Reid) who's really creative about putting guys in certain situations, that allows him to game plan even broader."

Q: What does a guy like Dorial Green-Beckham need to show?

We will be meeting [Dorial Green-Beckham] in the next couple days and I look forward to it.

DORSEY: "Physically, we think he has all the gifts in the world. We've all admired him, all of us who have been in the state of Missouri and the Kansas City area, have seen him afar, have admired his physical traits. I think now what people want to do is get a feel for him as a person, see where he is at this state. Just see where he is, that's what we are doing. We will be meeting him in the next couple days and I look forward to it."

Q: Talk about some of the free agents like Rodney Hudson and Ron Parker who have contracts that are up. How would you categorize your discussions with their agents?

DORSEY: "That's the great thing about having some of the agents here in this venue as well. It gives you a chance to have discussions with their representatives. With that being said, you will have some questions with regards to various players that we have in free agency and stuff like that. You've known me for a couple years now and I really don't like talking about the business of football in this venue. I will say this, I love those guys, I'm proud of those guys, I'm proud of what they bring into that locker room. That's kind of what I have to say there."

Q: When can we expect the next Chiefs wide receiver to score a touchdown?

DORSEY: "I think that they don't play football until (September) 2015, probably (then) so."

Q: What do you think about the depth of the tight ends?

DORSEY: "There's depth to be had. I want to see the whole body of work. Right now, from my perspective, I'm kind of in phase one of the whole overall evaluation. I want to see them compete. I want to see them amongst their peers. I think that there is some talent there. I think what's interesting there is you're starting to see more speed at that position start to show itself as we go forward here."

Q: What is your postseason evaluation of Travis Kelce and Anthony Fasano?

DORSEY: "I think they did a nice job. I think Travis did a nice job when he was called upon to do it. I think Anthony did a very nice job, as well. Unfortunately, Demetrius Harris kind of got set back with that injury, but I was expecting some nice growth from him, as well. Travis has been in the building as we speak here and so has Demetrius and I look forward to those guys in the offseason."

Q: How up to speed do you feel with these college guys considering you have free agency and contracts that you are dealing with?

DORSEY: "Well, actually I feel very good about where we are. The personnel staff has been together now for two years. Everybody understands exactly what we are attempting to do here. We spent a good part of 14 to 15 days evaluating the complete college draft class and we meticulously went by there and did that. We kind of put them in the position of ranking and now what we are going to do is assess them as their ability on the combine field. We are going to meet some of the guys and take them to the school work outs. But I feel very comfortable with the overall feel I have for this draft class."

Q: Drawing on your experience from Green Bay, what does it take for guys who have different responsibilities coming together for one?

DORSEY: "I would say it's a very selfless mindset. It's a servant mentality. It's open communication, check your ego in and let's go to work for one common goal. There's nothing like having a good group of guys around you all striving for one ultimate goal. We have that in Kansas City."

Q: Is that difficult to find?

There's nothing like having a good group of guys around you all striving for one ultimate goal. We have that in Kansas City.

DORSEY: "No, it's chemistry. It's like anything in life, if you have good chemistry and you have a good work ethic and guys are disciplined and like to work and like to come to work every day, that's what it's all about. We are all trying to get better each day with everything and that's what this group is all about."

Q: Were you ever intimidated by Ron Wolf? What was that standard like?

DORSEY: "I was intimidated a little bit, truth be told. I got that first phone call, I was at Rutgers University during a school day and I got this phone call, ‘John, this is Ron Wolf calling'. I go, ‘yes sir, how can I help you'? He said ‘do you know how to work this computer'? I go, ‘yes sir' and he said, ‘well fly back here and show me everything that's in it'. I'm like, ‘oh lord!' So, I rush to the airport and got back as quick as I can and ever since then it's been a fun ride with him. I couldn't be happier for the man. Anybody that has been under his tree will say the same thing, we have total respect and admiration for the man. You have to pay the utmost respect for a man like that."

Q: Where do you stand with LB Justin Houston?

DORSEY: "I think Justin Houston is a fine football player. I think what he did this year, I mean, he did a wonderful job. Everybody, we applaud him for that. His representative is in town and I've had ongoing discussions with his representative."

Q: Is you're evaluation of WR Dwayne Bowe's production in 2014 relevant to his cap space going into 2015?

DORSEY: "The receivers are going to take some shots because there were no touchdowns. We all know that. Dwayne does the little things that you didn't see. I mean if you go back and do a cut up of third down situations he really did some nice things on third down. He does the selfless things in terms of run blocking in those situations. Those guys worked their fannies off. It is hard to play in the National Football League. He will probably tell you himself that he did not live up to his high standards but now we have 2015 to come back on."

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