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Super Bowl TV ratings are very high, especially in Kansas City

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

This just in: Kansas City LOVES watching football.

The TV ratings for NBC's production of Super Bowl XLIX have come in and they're being hailed as the highest Super Bowl TV ratings of all time at 49.7/72 (how to read those numbers).

The numbers were good all over the country but they were especially good in Kansas City. Here is a look at the local TV ratings, per NBC.

1. Boston, 61.0/85

2. New Orleans, 55.7/72

3. Phoenix, 55.6/82

T4. Detroit, 55.0/71

T4. Norfolk, 55.0/76

6. Chicago, 54.9/72

7. Kansas City, 54.5/75

T8. Denver, 53.7/79

T8. Indianapolis, 53.7/74

10. Buffalo, 53.6/75

Seattle was tied for 17th.

Kansas City beats Denver. Ah, everything makes sense again...