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Super Bowl 50 odds: Seahawks favorites to return, Chiefs in middle of pack

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Super Bowl 49 is over so now we look toward the big one next year, Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco. The Seattle Seahawks may have lost Sunday's Super Bowl to the New England Patriots but they are the current favorites to make it back and win Super Bowl 50 at 5-1, according to the Westgate Las Vegas Superbook. The Patriots, who won Super Bowl XLIX, are next in line at 6-1. The usual suspects have the best odds following that including the Green Bay Packers and Denver Broncos. From there, I'm surprised to see the Dallas Cowboys ahead of a team like the Indianapolis Colts, who played in the AFC Championship Game.

Meanwhile, the Kansas City Chiefs are 18th on the 18th team listed here with Super Bowl 50 odds of 30-1. They share the same odds as Houston Texans, San Diego Chargers, New York Giants, Carolina Panthers, Atlanta Falcons and Miami Dolphins. I want the Chiefs to be bumped up into that 25-1 range with teams like the PIttsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers. The odds say the Chiefs are clearly ahead of the Chicago Bears and Buffalo Bills (50-1).

The Tennessee Titans, Jacksonville Jaguars and Oakland Raiders all have the worst odds for Super Bowl 50 at 300-1.

Seahawks: 5-1
Patriots: 6-1
Packers: 7-1
Broncos: 8-1
Cowboys: 12-1
Eagles: 16-1
Colts: 16-1
Lions: 25-1
Saints: 25-1
Rams: 25-1
49ers: 25-1
Cardinals: 25-1
Steelers: 25-1
Ravens: 25-1
Bengals: 25-1
Texans: 30-1
Chargers: 30-1
Chiefs: 30-1
Giants: 30-1
Panthers: 30-1
Falcons: 30-1
Dolphins: 30-1
Bears: 50-1
Vikings: 50-1
Bills: 50-1
Browns: 50-1
Washington: 100-1
Jets: 100-1
Buccaneers: 200-1
Titans: 300-1
Jaguars: 300-1
Raiders: 300-1