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Chiefs' Andy Reid had knee replacement surgery this offseason

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Andy Reid apparently came walking to the podium for his NFL Combine press conference with a cane, according to reporters on the scene. That's because he recently had knee surgery.

"I had a little surgery done," Reid told the assembled media in Indianapolis. "I had a knee replacement."

Reid missed the Senior Bowl last month and confirmed that his knee surgery is the reason he missed it.

The Chiefs offseason workouts pick up on April 20 so he has a little time before he has to be out on the field regularly.

This led to a very short joking moment from Reid. He was asked if he would be ready for the season and he said, "I won't be starting on PUP."

It appears from this picture below that he has a cane there.

This would not be the first Chiefs coach walking with a cane. I remember training camp a few years back when Chiefs offensive coordinator Charlie Weis had a cane and a little scooter.

Good luck to Reid in his recovery.

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