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Mike Mayock mentioned the freak from the Kansas City Chiefs

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

If you're talking about a freak on the Kansas City Chiefs, there are only so many players you can be talking about. When this discussion comes around the time of the NFL Combine, you know exactly who they're talking about -- Dontari Poe.

The Chiefs nose tackle was drafted 11th overall in 2012 after a terrific NFL Combine. A man of Poe's size moving that well was uncommon, to say the least. The debate during that Combine was whether Poe was a legit player or just a workout warrior. Three years in the league and it's fair to say that we now know that Poe is a legit player.

NFL Network's Mike Mayock spoke to the media on Monday and when I was re-listening to the press conference I heard him mention "the freak from Kansas City". Obviously, he was referencing Poe. The question to Mayock was about Danny Shelton, one of the top defensive tackles in this draft who comes out of Washington.

"Is a top 10 pick," Mayock said of Shelton. "Love his pick. There are very few guys that play that position at 350 pounds that can play plus or minus 80 percent of the snaps. In the NFL, Wilfork and the freak from Kansas City, Dontari Poe, there aren't many guys with size that can play so much. This kid played 80 percent of the snaps up and down the line of scrimmage. You can't run against them, and he gets them pushing the pocket. So I think he's a really intriguing guy."

Correction: Poe played nearly 90 percent of the snaps last season.

So if this Shelton dude is intriguing, Poe was really, really intriguing in 2012.