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Chiefs' Dwayne Bowe not the only WR with contract questions

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs' Dwayne Bowe and Miami Dolphins' Mike Wallace are two of the highest paid receivers in the NFL with contracts of five years and $56 and $60 million, respectively. Because they're not also two of the most productive receivers in the game, there is some question if they're worth their contracts.

Chiefs fans have heard the idea floated around that Bowe should take on a pay cut to stay in Kansas City. This is just something I've heard among Chiefs fans -- I haven't personally heard anyone inside the building entertain this idea. But who knows? It makes sense given the situation. Bowe is still worth something to the Chiefs -- for those who want to cut Bowe now, you're about to make Albert Wilson the best receiver on the roster -- because the Chiefs have so little at the position.

D-Bowe isn't the only one who some think should take a pay cut. Wallace, like Bowe, has the chatter around him about being overpaid for his production. A Miami Herald report states that the Dolphins are considering the restructuring talk. "Among the options the Dolphins have been considering with Mike Wallace is raising the idea of a contract restructuring," the Herald reported. "It's highly questionable whether Wallace would accept one."

I never really realized how similar these situations are. Folks spotted Wallace was overpaid immediately. They also noticed that D-Bowe was overpaid pretty quickly. Of course you have to take it into context. The Chiefs had to make the move they did with Bowe at the time. In hindsight you can say "Well, they didn't win a Super Bowl so they didn't need him the last two years" but at the time it was clear Bowe had the Chiefs bent over (that's what she said?).

I'll be curious to see how the Dolphins handle the Wallace situation. And I'm sure there are teams wondering what the Chiefs will do with Bowe.

Speaking of WRs ... D-Bowe and Wallace aren't the only contract issues. says cap issues could infuse the receiver market with more star power. Then there's this: