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Jeremy Maclin is in Missouri and was asked about free agency

Because what else would you ask about when you're within two hours of Kansas City and you spot a receiver?

Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

Jeremy Maclin was in Columbia on Friday to enter the Mizzou Hall of Fame along with Chase Daniel and Chase Coffman. Maclin of course is scheduled to become a free agent in March -- if he doesn't sign a new contract with the Philadelphia Eagles before then.

KC Star sports reporter Tod Palmer covered the event in Columbia and came away with a few tweets about Maclin, who is a target of Chiefs fans but unclear how the Chiefs front office views him.

A couple of scenarios to consider. The Chiefs release Dwayne Bowe, sign a starting receiver in free agency and then draft a receiver. But it's not that far-fetched to see D-Bowe restructuring his deal to stay in KC, missing out on the top free agent receivers because of cap space and relying on the draft for more receiver help. If the Chiefs can manage their cap to the point where they can make a run at a starting receiver in free agency, Maclin obviously makes a lot of sense.

You gotta credit Chase for doing the early on work on Maclin to KC: