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Letterman asked Bill Belichick about the time the Chiefs ended the Patriots dynasty

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Remember that time when the Kansas City Chiefs beat the New England Patriots on Monday Night Football early in the 2014 season and ENDED the New England Patriots dynasty? Me too, me too.

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick was on Letterman last night and the topic of that Patriots-Chiefs game back in Week 4 came up.

Here's the exchange:

Letterman: "You mentioned the Kansas City game. That was the beginning of ... they started the rumors, Oh my gosh, this could be the end of the dynasty, this could be it for Brady, this could be it for Belichick and this could be it for the Patriots. And then you turned it around in the press conference and I believe what you said was (mumbling) "We're onto Cincinnati." (Laughter) So from them on, everything was bright and happy in Patriots land, wasn't it?"

Belichick: "Not quite but that was a big week for us. I thought we had a big opportunity for us at halftime. We were down against Kansas City on the road on Monday night. Things weren't going well. I thought our team really competed hard in the second half even though it didn't show up in the score. We came back and got to work against the Bengals and played one of the best games of the year at home. Our fans were really into it, our players played well and that kind of got us going."

Watch the full interview here.