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Super Bowl prop bets 2015: Marshawn Lynch's crotch-grab, Bill Belichick's hoodie, National Anthem

Nothing is better than putting down cold hard cash on some hilarious bets.

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

The Super Bowl is a great event. Even with all the DeflateGate nonsense swirling around the contest, watching the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots get after it will be thrilling.

Another fun aspect of the big game is betting. Millions of dollars are put down ever year on the Super Bowl, with a bevy of that cash going on fun prop bets. Once again, BOVADA has provided a litany of them, ranging from "Does Rob Gronkowski score a touchdown?" to "Will the national anthem take over two minutes?"

Here is a link to the complete list, and four that are my personal favorites:

1. Will Marshawn Lynch grab his crotch after scoring? (Yes +400, No -600)

I never thought grabbing junk would ever be a prop bet, but 2015 is an odd place. Lynch grabbed himself in the NFC Championship after scoring against the Green Bay Packers and was fined $20K. It was the second time this season he was fined for that celebration, so another attempt will be costly. Then again, it's Lynch. Does he really care? You don't stop Marshawn.

2. Bill Belichick's hoodie type? (Cut -150, Intact +110)

Belichick is perhaps the sourest personality on the field in any game the Patriots play in. His wardrobe matches his disposition; cold, drab, uninviting. Will The Hoodie go with a normal sweatshirt or is he going to roll with the Hell's Angels look and cut those sleeves off? My guess: Welcome to the gun show.

3. How many times will Gisele Bundchen be shown on TV? (Over/Under 1.5)

NBC should show Gisele all the time. She's always happy (unless you are Wes Welker and you dropped a Super Bowl-clinching pass) and she's stunningly beautiful. Let's be honest, would you (man or woman) rather see Robert Kraft again or Gisele looking radiant? Thought so.

4. Will Idina Menzel forget at least one word of the National Anthem? (Yes +400, No -600)

For Menzel's sake, I hope she nails the Star Spangled Banner and doesn't miss any words. It's impossible to say whether the girl will knock out the song perfectly, and it is hilarious that people actually bet on this. Every year, millions of Americans are listening intently, looking like great patriots. Instead, they are just hoping to make money.