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NFL playoff picture: Scenario where Broncos can clinch AFC West this week

The Kansas City Chiefs still have a shot to win the AFC West ... barely. I'm certainly not expecting it because the Chiefs are three games behind the Denver Broncos with four to play. So, yeah, Denver is going to win the AFC West, and they can actually do so this weekend with a little help from the Chiefs.

Here are the NFL playoff scenarios where the Broncos can clinch the AFC West this weekend:

DEN win + KC loss or tie OR

DEN tie + KC loss

As long as the Chiefs win the Broncos won't win the division - yet. Denver has a tough schedule down the stretch which includes games against the Raiders, at the Steelers and at home against the Bengals and Chargers.

Here's the Broncos can clinch a playoff spot:

DEN win + NYJ loss or tie OR

DEN win + PIT loss or tie OR

DEN tie + NYJ loss OR

DEN tie + PIT loss

The Chiefs won't be clinching a playoff spot this weekend but if they keep winning and the right teams lose there's a chance they can do so before Week 17.

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