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Chiefs 2015 schedule ranked from hardest to easiest

The 7-5 Kansas City Chiefs have four more games on the 2015 NFL schedule. The Chiefs will likely be favored in all of those games but as the Chiefs-Broncos line a few weeks ago taught us, the odds don't matter.

One of our contributors, His Dirkness, ranked the Chiefs remaining games on who is most likely to beat the Chiefs. He has the list as 1.) Raiders 2.) Ravens 3.) Chargers 4.) Browns.

I disagree slightly with that list. Here's my list of teams most likely to beat the Chiefs:

1. Oakland Raiders (Week 17)

They are the best team remaining on the Chiefs schedule and can definitely beat the Chiefs, as we almost saw last Sunday. Working in the Chiefs favor is that the Raiders probably won't be playing for a playoff spot when they visit Arrowhead in Week 17. The Raiders play at Denver, Green Bay and at San Diego before meeting the Chiefs. I can't imagine they're going through that stretch unbeaten. One loss should put the Raiders away.

2. San Diego Chargers (Week 14)

Yes, the Chiefs destroyed the Chargers in San Diego, 33-3, just a few weeks ago. But when I compare the Chargers and Ravens, I roll with the best quarterback, and that's Philip Rivers over Matt Schaub or whoever the Ravens will send out there. Plus, this is a division game and these Chiefs-Chargers games are usually close.

3. at Baltimore Ravens (Week 15)

This is a playoff roster - minus the injuries. Joe Flacco is out as is Steve Smith. The quarterback injury hurts the most. The Chiefs beat up on bad quarterbacks and the Ravens are going to be playing a bad quarterback against the Chiefs. The game is at Baltimore, which almost made me put them ahead of the Chargers. Almost.

4. Cleveland Browns (Week 16)

This is one of those games where the Chiefs will need a win and if they don't get it against Cleveland then they have no one but themselves to blame for missing the playoffs.

Let's see your ranking in the comments.

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