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Jeremy Maclin mic'd up: "It's too easy, man!'

It was a good game for Kansas City Chiefs WR Jeremy Maclin to be mic'd up. The Chiefs beat the Cleveland Browns last Sunday and it looked like things were getting chippy with Maclin and the Browns defensive backs. I wondered what kind of trash talk was going on down there and now we know.

Maclin was mic'd up for Sound FX, which you can view here. I really like the mic'd up videos because elite athletes are often elite trash talkers, too. And I need some ammo for my backyard basketball games.

A few of the highlights in the video:

  • Telling a DB after a catch: "You better come on! You better come on!"
  • Telling the same DB: "It's too easy, man. I'm on a whole other level, dog. Straight up. Whole other level right here."
  • Talking to Jason Avant: "They out there yapping a little too much for me."
  • Catching a touchdown pass then giving Mitch Morse the ball and telling him to spike it.

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