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Kansas City Chiefs need to wait for the Oakland Raiders to beat themselves

Raider week has always been special. #BeatOakland

Posted by The Kansas City Chiefs on Wednesday, December 30, 2015

God bless Marty Schottenheimer who placed as much emphasis on Raider week as the Chiefs fans do. Andy Reid treats all 16 games the same but Marty used to talk about Raider week being a little extra extra special. That played really among the fans because they didn't like the Raiders either.

The video above is a neat look into how Marty treated Raider week. Here's another Marty quote on beating the Raiders:

"As a football team there was a philosophy relative to how you beat the Raiders," Marty said on the radio a few years ago. "That was you went into the game with the understanding that the first half would come and go and you would want to stay in the contest but if you stayed the course into the fourth quarter you would find a way to somehow beat them or they'd beat themselves and you'd end up the winner anyway. That's the way they functioned in my view."

He's not wrong. The Chiefs were losing to the Raiders 20-14 earlier this season and what did the Chiefs do? Three fourth quarter interceptions.

Just wait for the Raiders to beat themselves. Like this:

(content removed)

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