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That time Raiders fans dumped beer on Neil Smith's mom

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images


That doesn't seem to mean the same thing these days as it does back in the day with Marty Schottenheimer, who really fanned the flames of this rivalry. Former Chief Neil Smith joined Danny Parkins and Carrington Harrison on The Drive on 610 Sports and said that Marty once pulled out old Chiefs-Raiders tape before they played the Raiders. The tape showed a Raiders player pulling legendary Chiefs QB Len Dawson off a pile and kicking him, which set the tone for the 1990s Chiefs-Raiders rivalry.

Smith also told a story about the time his Mom went to a game. And Raiders fans found out who she was ...

"I hate to go back there I told my mother don't go to the game," Smith said on 610 Sports (audio 20:30 in here). "My ex-wife also. I said, "Hey, this is not a game you want to go to. I heard about the fans, they're not good, this and that." My mother just slid in there. They found out who she was and they just dumped beer all over her. She said they called her everything but a child of god. It just made me mad."

If only there were cell phones back then ....

It wasn't all bad with the Raiders. Smith said that when Derrick Thomas was in the hospital, Al Davis came to visit him.

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