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Johnny Manziel couldn't pass on the Chiefs but he could run

If Johnny Manziel's line in Sunday's loss to the Chiefs looked really bad to you -- 13-of-32 for 136 yards, no touchdowns, one interception -- then you see what everyone else saw. Manziel couldn't complete any pass of consequence against the Chiefs defense. The game was too close for comfort with Cleveland driving for the game winning touchdown at the end of the game but I was still plenty confident in the Chiefs defense. That's a knock on Manzie's passing ability as much as it is a credit to the Chiefs defense.

But Johnny can run! Manziel rushed 11 times for 108 yards and seemingly single-handedly -- well, with some help from the Chiefs -- kept the Browns involved in the game.

Pro Football Focus has the numbers which really show you what went on here. Manziel's passing grade was the third worst passing grade PFF has ever graded. His running, however, was the second highest by a quarterback this year.

Two reactions to this:

1. The Chiefs aren't going to face a Manziel-type runner in the playoffs. Alex Smith is the best running quarterback in the AFC playoffs and it's not really close.

2. Justin Houston and Tamba Hali were both out. That much was obvious when Manziel repeatedly ran when Dee Ford got flushed up field. Houston and Hali should be back soon.

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