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AFC playoff picture: How the Chiefs can win AFC West over Broncos

The Kansas City Chiefs have clinched a playoff spot so we know at worst they will be an AFC Wild Card team and will go on the road in the first round of the playoffs.

However, the Chiefs still have more to play for. They can still win the AFC West, and the scenario isn't that crazy. The Chiefs are 10-5 on the season while the Broncos are 10-4 on the season. Here's what the Chiefs need to do to win the AFC West:

1. Broncos lose to Bengals on Monday Night Football OR to the Chargers in Week 17

2. Chiefs beat Raiders in Week 17

Find the full playoff picture here.

That's it. That's what needs to happen. The Chiefs can go about this another way, such as the Chiefs losing next week's game but the Broncos losing both of their final two games. The most realistic way is for the Broncos to lose one of their final two games while the Chiefs beat the Raiders.

The Chiefs main tiebreaker will be division record. They are 4-1 in the division while the Broncos are 3-2. That would be the first tiebreaker when it comes to breaking a tie within the division (after head to head, which the Chiefs and Broncos are tied).

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