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Grading Andy Reid: Week 15 vs Ravens

Earlier in the week I saw comments from a number of Eagles fans wishing they had Andy Reid back. You never know what you've got 'til it's gone eh?

Reid has been historically good for this franchise. The last time the Chiefs had three consecutive winning seasons was from 1995 to 1997 under Marty Schottenheimer. That's 18 years ago, folks. All the Reid supporters that stood by him at 1-5 should be proud of themselves. There are still games to be played however, and the Chiefs haven't made the playoffs yet. How Reid and the Chiefs finish these last two games will make or break the season.

Grading Criteria (Points Possible)

  • Starting Roster (15)
  • Player Preparedness / Discipline (15)
  • Offensive Play Calling (30)
  • Game Altering Decisions (25)
  • Clock Management (15)
  • Challenges +/- a range of 5 points.

Starting Roster

With Spencer Ware still somewhat limited from his rib injury, Charcandrick West received the bulk of the carries. Knile Davis did have five carries, but the lion's share of work went to West. This is the best for the team as West has been playing well.

Aside from the RB position, Frankie Hammond is STILL returning punts. I suggested Albert Wilson or Maclin return punts until DAT is healthy. However, Hammond continues to be the starting punt returner. DAT is back at practice this week so he could be returning.

Starting Roster Grade:  13/15

Player Preparedness / Discipline

The Chiefs had six penalties that were upheld and zero turnovers. These are both good numbers. The penalties could be better but six is a fair number.

It's good to note the Chiefs were aware enough to stop a fourth and nine fake punt attempt by the Ravens. If the Chiefs players are taking a break on that play the Ravens punter could have ran for a first down. It was a horrible choice by John Harbaugh but I'll take it.

One play that comes to mind that negatively affects the grade is the hail Mary pass TD the Chiefs allowed at the end of the first half. Consider it a learning experience but the Chiefs defensive backs need to know to knock the ball down in that situation.

Player Preparedness / Discipline Grade:  13/15

Offensive Play Calling

Really Good Cheeseburger of the Week:

Because who doesn't like 29 yard pass plays to Travis Kelce over the middle? I'd like to see the Chiefs take advantage of more Kelce vs LB mismatches. He is much too fast to be covered by a typical LB.

Run/Pass Ratio: 22 run plays, 32 pass plays.  41% run, 59% pass.  This once again passes the litmus test of the 40/60 run pass ratio we've been looking for this season.

Third Down Conversion Rate: 5/13 = 38%  The Chiefs offense didn't fare so well on third down against the Ravens.

Red Zone TD Rate: 1/1 = 100%  The Chiefs scored 34 points and were only in the red zone one time?  I guess it helps when your defense scores two touchdowns and your kicker is nailing kicks from 50+.

Screen Play Count: I caught six screen passes during the game.

  • WR Screen to Maclin with 0:38 left in the 1st quarter - 4 yard gain.
  • WR Screen to Maclin with 8:58 left in the 2nd quarter - 6 yard gain.
  • WR Screen to Maclin with 7:32 left in the 2nd quarter - Fumble, recovered by Wilson, 2 yard loss.
  • Screen pass to Wilson with 3:30 left in the 2nd quarter - 2 yard gain.
  • Screen pass to Maclin with 12:00 left in the 3rd quarter - 9 yard gain.
  • Screen pass to Kelce with 10:25 left in the 4th quarter - 7 yard gain.
Eleven percent of Reid's play calls against the Ravens were screen passes.  Reid's offense may have been a little screen heavy in this game.  The Chiefs gained an average of 4.3 yards per screen play in the game against the Ravens.  That being said Reid really can't be held accountable for the Maclin fumble, and that particular play appeared as if it would go for 5 or 6 yards which would greatly improve the average.

Offensive Play Calling Grade:  28/30

Game Altering Decisions

Hey!  What do we have here?!?!  Reid was actually faced with a tricky decision. It's been a while since he has had to do this!

  • 2nd quarter, 6:14 remaining. 4th and 1 on the 50 yard line. The Chiefs were up 21-7. Reid elected to punt in this situation. At the time when I was watching the game I wanted the Chiefs to go for the jugular and attempt the 4th down conversion. In hindsight I feel Reid made the right call with his defense playing well and his team up by 14 points.
Game Altering Decisions Grade:  25/25


If anyone recalls, Reid was too slow to throw the challenge flag on a somewhat questionable call during the game. I can't remember the specific play (I think it was a reception on the boundary). If Reid wants to challenge plays when the opposition is trying to snap the ball quickly, he is going to need to throw the flag faster. I'll deduct one point here.

Week 15 Grade:  93/100

2015 Average Grade:  78.36

Next Week vs the Browns

Next week against the Browns I would like to see...

  • Keep hitting Kelce deep over the middle. I'd like to see this done with layered pass plays that make LBs have to pick their poison.
  • If the Chiefs are starting Frank Zombo and Dee Ford as their pass rush duo, the offense will HAVE to be aggressive. Do NOT be conservative in this game. If it's 4th and one in a reasonable spot, go for it. The Browns could score a fair amount in this game without any pressure and/or poor contain on Browns QB Johnny Manziel.
  • Keep taking care of the ball.
  • It seems as if the Chiefs have played better on the road this year. Make sure the players are aware of this and come out with a chip on their shoulders for the home crowd at Arrowhead.
What are your suggestions for beating the Browns?

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you have a fantastic time with your loved ones. Lastly, I recommend against drinking too much eggnog and rum. It makes for an awful hangover.

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