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Andy Reid on Chiefs playoff hunt: What better place to play than Arrowhead?

The Kansas City Chiefs need a win this weekend to have a chance to secure a playoff spot (they also need a Steelers loss or a Jets loss). Andy Reid, for one, is jacked up that the Chiefs get to play these games in Arrowhead Stadium.

"When you're in the hunt in the month of December, what better place could you imagine playing than Arrowhead Stadium?" Reid said, via quotes from the Chiefs. "I mean, think about that. We know our people are going to be out here like crazies, and everybody is home for Christmas and what better place to be than right here. We look forward to it. Our players feed off that. You can't help it. I've got headsets on and everything and you still kind of just feel the rumble there. It's just a great, great environment for football."

The Chiefs would be 6-0 at Arrowhead this year if games simply ended with about a minute left. Instead the Chiefs are 4-2 at home this year after last minute losses to the Broncos and Bears. They're playing a young quarterback this week in Johnny Manziel so the more uncomfortable they can make it for him the better. Add in the chance of rain or snow and you have a nice situation for the Chiefs and their defense.

It's actually been their road record that has impressed me lately. The Chiefs have won five or more road games five times since 1978. Two of those have come in the past three years under Andy Reid. Not too shabby.

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