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Fun AFC playoff scenarios: Broncos miss playoffs, Chiefs win AFC West

There's a scenario where the Kansas City Chiefs make the playoffs and the Denver Broncos do not as discovered by the great Craig Stout.

Go to ESPN's playoff machine and test it out yourself. This would give the Chiefs the AFC West title while the Steelers and Jets would get the two Wild Card spots, leaving nothing for the Broncos. That would be neat for a Chiefs fan!

The problem? Besides the Chiefs not having clinched anything yet. it's pretty darn unlikely to happen. Here are the schedules of each:

Broncos: at Steelers, Bengals, Chargers

Bengals: at 49ers, at Broncos, Ravens

Steelers: Broncos, at Ravens, at Browns

Jets: at Cowboys, Patriots, at Bills

If the Broncos have something to play for, they're probably beating the Chargers in Week 17. And it's tough to see the Jets beating the Patriots. The rest of it would be one hell of a parlay. The Chiefs probably have a better chance of winning the AFC West than the Broncos missing the playoffs entirely.

Use ESPN's playoff machine to find other fun AFC playoff scenarios.

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