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The Chiefs beat bad quarterbacks and the Ravens have a bad quarterback

Remember the Chiefs nine-game winning streak in 2013? They kept playing backup QB after backup QB and racking up wins. It was almost too easy.

We're going to see a similar situation play out in Baltimore as the Chiefs will be playing against a backup QB -- either Matt Schaub or Jimmy Clausen.

The Chiefs defense has enough good players that they don't have very many off days. If one player is off, someone else is on. They're really good and they will cause problems for either Schaub or Clausen. In fact, Schaub has a little streak of pick-sixes going.

All this turnover talk is good news for the Chiefs because they have been living on winning the turnover differential during most of the games in their win streak.

BJ Kissel from the Chiefs came up with this stat, which says it all about this game:

The Chiefs have given away the ball 12 times this season, which has led to just 36 points—sixth-fewest in the NFL this season.

The Ravens have given away the ball 23 times this season and that has resulted in 88 points, second-most in the league.

The Chiefs usually don't turn it over and they usually force a turnover from the other team. If they do that, they should win this game.

It's Game Time.

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