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Chiefs had good reaction to talk of Adrian Peterson over Eric Berry for comeback player of year

Only the NFL would consider putting Adrian Peterson over Eric Berry for the comeback player of the year. The award hasn't been announced yet but wrote a post on the top 10 comeback player of the year candidates and AP is listed AHEAD of Berry. (Note: this is not official or anything ... just a blog post)

I think it's important that we show a little freakout to the NFL so that they know this would not be OK. It would be a classic tone-deaf NFL move for them to give it to AP over Berry. You can not in good conscious give a comeback player of the year award to someone the NFL suspended for child abuse allegations over a cancer survivor. You just can't.

In fact, I'll go ahead and say that there's no way the NFL gives this to AP over Berry. Carson Palmer? Sure, I can understand that more than AP. But the NFL has one of the best stories in recent memory sitting right in front of them in Eric Berry and I simply refuse to believe they're going to screw this one up so badly. They know better.

It's easy. Eric Berry is your comeback player of the year. Don't overthink it, NFL.

The Chiefs had the best reaction to this when they tweeted in response:

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