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Alex Smith talks to Rich Eisen about when the Chiefs turned it around

Kansas City Chiefs QB Alex Smith joined the Rich Eisen show on Tuesday and talked about just how the Chiefs have won seven straight games.

You can watch part of the segment here:

What is the locker room like at 1-5?

Alex: "Dark. Dark and gloomy. Not a good place. It's tough. I think anytime you get to the expectations we had coming into the year and then be sitting there where we were. Yeah it's hard. It's a hard place to be. It's easy to point fingers. It's easy to deflect blame and all that stuff. It's hard to stay focused on football, stay focused on one week at a time. Like I said, very gloomy."

When did it get turned around for the Chiefs?

Alex: "I think it was a matter of the types of losses we had early on. A couple games we thought we should've won and let slip away in the fourth quarter. The trip to London was a big one for us. Getting after the Lions pretty good there. I felt like coming back home we had a lot of momentum. At that point we were in a good frame of mind as a team, doing things the right away, focusing on the details and playing with a lot of emotion. I think if there was one week it was definitely that week."

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