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NFL power rankings not impressed with Chiefs win over Chargers

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The Kansas City Chiefs 10-3 win over the San Diego Chargers didn't do much for their spot in this week's NFL power rankings. The Chiefs are pretty much where they were this time around last week after they had beaten the Raiders. Voters are understandably not all that impressed with a 10-3 win over a four-win team.

The Chiefs sitting between 6-8 sounds right to me. They haven't done enough on the whole this season to prove they should be up there with the Patriots of the world. But they've shown they can be one of the hottest teams to enter the playoffs (if they make the playoffs).

Here's a roundup of this week's NFL power rankings:

SB Nation: 6


Alex Smith threw an interception on Sunday after going 312 consecutive attempts without one. According to Elias, Smith's streak is the second-longest in NFL history (Tom Brady, 358 attempts).

PFT: 8

Apparently, they were the best 1-5 team in NFL history.

USA Today: 8

Their 17 touchdowns on the ground lead the league, and only four came courtesy of injured superstar Jamaal Charles.

Yahoo Sports: 8

Not the most impressive performance at home, but the conditions weren't great either. Whatever, it was a win. No big deal unless the offense falters again next week, then maybe we'll revisit. (And please, don't hit me with "How could you move them down????" complaints. These next two teams deserved to be moved up. In that case, someone has to get displaced.)

The MMQB: 8

Just run, Andy Reid. Just run.

Washington Post: 5

The Chiefs simply don't lose any more, even if the Chargers did make things mighty interesting with their late drive to the 1-yard line Sunday. But Kansas City held on, and the winning streak should continue this Sunday in Baltimore. 8

It was muddy. It was ugly. And it was a Chiefs win. The crummy Chargers ignited panic in K.C. fans after Vincent Brown (remember that guy?) caught a ball at the 1. Yet, Kansas City tightened up with some help from, well, the crummy Chargers: first a delay-of-game, then the Danny Woodhead drop. All I know is this: The Chiefs are going 11-5, and Tamba Hali looks reaaaaaalll nice when he gets a little R&R during the week.

It's Game Time.

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