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This Chiefs playoff probability chart shows how crazy the season has been

I had someone on Twitter who would LOL at me whenever I mentioned the playoffs. This was of course because the Chiefs started 1-5 on the season and talking about the playoffs was comical. So comical, in fact, that at one point the Chiefs had just a five percent chance of making the playoffs. That was after Week 6, too -- a decent sample size of the season.

That was then and this is now.

The website 538 gives the Chiefs a 90 percent chance. The NY Times has it as a 95 percent chance. Whoever you want to use, the Chiefs have a high probability of making the playoffs. That's because they play three winnable games -- at Ravens, Browns, Raiders -- and because the other AFC Wild Card contenders don't. The Steelers still have to play the Broncos and the Jets have to play the Patriots. Even if they all won out, the Chiefs would make the playoffs. And the Chiefs are going to be favored in every game from here on out.

The Chiefs are basically the Royals with the way the odds have been completely stacked against them yet they continue to respond. It would be fitting...

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