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Chiefs' Alex Smith correctly calls out the Chargers DB who was 'trying to head-hunt'

There was a complaint about a dirty hit in the Chargers-Chiefs game and the alleged culprit is Chargers DB Jahleel Addae. Does that name sound familiar? It's the same DB who had a questionable hit on Jeremy Maciln a few weeks ago. It's the same DB who has repeatedly raised eyebrows with his hits. Just watch this list of questionable hits from him.

The (first) play in question came near the end of the first half. Alex Smith kept it on the read option and ran six yards for the first down. Alex went to the ground head first with Addae coming in to hit him. The hit didn't seem all that dirty to me but Addae has not earned the benefit of the doubt.

Alex got up and immediately got in the face of Addae only to be separated by former Chiefs DL Damion Square. Alex was asked about it after the game and said that he was just trying to fire his team up.

He also said, "It felt like some of the stuff there, they tried to head-hunt a little bit there."

Yes, Addae probably was trying to head-hunt because he has repeatedly head-hunted. It's not a stretch at all to say that. This particular play wasn't that bad. But like I said, Addae doesn't get the benefit of the doubt.

By the way, two plays later, Alex hit Albert Wilson for a 44-yard touchdown which ended up deciding the game.

Oh and Addae? The very next possession he was flagged for unnecessary roughness for hitting Alex out of bounds.

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