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Chiefs' Alex Smith leads the NFL in screen pass touchdowns

This is probably the least surprising stat to anyone who watches Kansas City Chiefs games. Alex Smith has three times as many screen pass touchdowns as the next closest quarterback.

MNChiefsfan looked at a few of these types of passes recently. When you have arguably the NFL's most elusive tight end in Travis Kelce or one of the league's fastest receivers in Jeremy Maclin, screen passes make some sense. And when your offensive line hasn't been playing well and your quarterback is more comfortable making shorter, quicker decisions then screen passes make sense. Add in an athletic offensive line and I can see why the Chiefs want to get downfield and start blocking with these guys. I understand why they do it with the personnel they have; I just think they throw a few too many screen passes. Smith is starting to change the narrative just a tiny bit by throwing down the field more often but he's still throwing as many screen passes as before.

I am guessing most of us think the Chiefs throw too many screen passes - especially on third and long - but they have had some success with them this season. I'm not sure if a Chiefs fan should be proud of this stat or ... ?

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