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Rain expected for Chargers vs. Chiefs game, tickets are dirt cheap

There is expected to be rain this weekend for the Kansas City Chiefs and San Diego Chargers game at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday.

This will be the second rain game for the Chiefs who also saw drizzle during the Bills game at Arrowhead two weeks ago. The rain didn't seem to affect the passing game all that much in that game as Alex Smith threw deep more often than he has in any other Chiefs games. It did seem to affect the pass rush as defenders weren't able to make cuts like they can on dry ground. That's something to consider as the Chiefs await Justin Houston's status for this game on Sunday against San Diego.

As always, turnovers will be key in this game, especially in the rain. The Chiefs are coming off a game in Oakland where they fumbled twice so it will be important to hang onto the ball in the rain.

On another note, will the rain affect the attendance?

It seems like it did in the last rain game against Buffalo, although that was only (only?) the Chiefs fifth straight win. There were a lot of open seats at Arrowhead for that game, at least "a lot" for Arrowhead. It's supposed to rain again this week and the Chiefs are going against a 3-win team and it's the middle of December. That's prime time for folks to decide to stay home.

Tickets were as cheap as six or seven bucks in the Buffalo game. So with this Chargers game I'm expecting something similar because StubHub says ...

It'd be a tough deal to buy one of these $6 tickets and then have to pay five times that much for parking.

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