The NFL Must Act Now

In case you missed it at the end of the Broncos-Colts game yesterday...

Plainly and simply, Aqib Talib deserves the most severe discipline the NFL can manage.

This isn't just a case of blows being exchanged by two players after a big play in a close game. Aqib Talib calmly, deliberately got himself involved in the situation, and purposefully poked an opposing player in the eye. In many of these situations, there is room for reasonable people to disagree about what actually occurred, but in my opinion, this is not one of them.

Worst of all for the NFL, this didn't happen at the bottom of a pile in a scrum over a loose ball. This happened in plain view of the TV cameras in a nationally televised game.

If the NFL wants to be on the moral high ground about the integrity of the game, player safety - or any of the other things on which the league piously wants to hang its hat - then there should be decisive, punitive action as a result of this incident. Immediately.

Your move, Mr. Goodell. If your public relations people aren't telling you, then I'm telling you: Don't screw this one up.

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