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Chiefs' Tamba Hali credits his success to Andy Reid for giving him more rest

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Tamba Hali has made a number of game-changing plays during the Chiefs winning streak including forced fumbles against the Steelers and Bills. Tamba now has 5.5 sacks in his last five games -- all Chiefs wins.

So how is the old man still doing it? Why is Tamba still successful? He says it's because of his lighter practice schedule.

"The coaches put all of us in the position to make plays, and I think with the amount of rest that Coach Reid has given me for the past month has helped me come onto the field and have that energy and that bounce in my step," Tamba said after the game, via quotes from the Chiefs. "So our coaches and our players - we play together and I think it's allowed me to play better this year."

The Chiefs have three days of practice each week and Tamba has often been taking at least one day a week off, if not two. It's interesting because Tamba works so hard at maintaing his body as well as his technique. That comes through practice but he's been in the game long enough at this point that it's probably less important to him than others.

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