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Travis Kelce hits the quan after scoring a touchdown

We have a Travis Kelce touchdown AND we have a Travis Kelce touchdown dance.

First, the touchdown. The Chiefs ran three vertical routes in the end zone and Alex Smith waiting to read the safety. Once the safety took a step up to cover the receiver running the shorter route, Smith hit Kelce in the end zone. Great play design and great execution by Alex Smith and the Chiefs offense. And of course Kelce for beastin' on the catch.

Now for the dance. The kids tell me that this is called hitting the quan.

The Urban Dictionary definition of hitting the quan:

A dance consisting of a series of actions mimicking the rappers's words and sounds. The dance can be interpreted multiple ways and you can make your own moves, but it should include some form of stepping, squatting and arm movement. This dance has recovered us from the endless 'watch me whip'.

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