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Andy Reid compares Eric Berry's play to a ninja, and he's not wrong

There were a lot of big highlights in the Kansas City Chiefs 33-3 victory over the San Diego Chargers but one of my favorites was Eric Berry's outstanding tackle on one of the Chargers attempted screen passes.

The played showed everything about Berry that I love - his athleticism, physicality and smarts. It's a tough play to make because you're navigating through multiple blockers and trying to make the tackle.

Andy Reid had an interesting way of describing the play -- "ninja-esque".

"And then Eric Berry, the tackle he made on the quick screen," Reid said, "I thought that was a superior play. You just don't see that very often where he goes underneath an offensive lineman, pops up and makes a tackle on a screen - it was ninja-esque."

Andy Reid expanded on Berry's impact.

"I saw him back when he literally had the one hair coming out of his chin and he refused to shave that one hair - it was the only one he had," Reid said. "And telling me that he was going to play - that he was going to be back and better than ever. So it was hard to believe at that time from what my eyes were telling me, but what your eyes tell you and what your heart tells you are two different things sometimes. In my heart, I was hoping that that would happen and he's done that. So he's come back every week, he's gotten a little bit better and he's playing real good football right now."

Check out the play here. Eric Berry is playing the best football of his life (an attempted explanation for why here).

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