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Chiefs vs. Chargers: The Best and Worst

His Dirkness' not-so-weekly KC Masterpiece

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The Chiefs footballed good again!

I couldn't help but watch Sunday's game with a sense of disbelief that this team was ever 1-5. A team I watched win their last three games by a combined score of 107-26.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who's thought back to both the Broncos and Bears losses and wondered "what if?" The Jamaal fumble. The worst QB in the league leading a game tying TD drive. A two score lead with four minutes left. The Marcus Peters PI call. The Chiefs reached heights of 98 percent and 99.6 percent win probability in those two games. That hurts.

The funny thing is my goal before the season was to be 5-5 at this exact point, eyeing a 5-1 finish against a schedule rivaling a Big 12 team's non-conference slate. Sure, the Chiefs took the road less traveled on their way to 5-5, but I mean, this team scored 21 points on seven field goals earlier this season. They seem to enjoy spitting in the face of conventional wisdom.

Let me tell you why I think this might not be the worst thing in the world, when all is said and done.

The Chiefs have a legitimate chance to be the team nobody wants to play in the playoffs. The team that's ultra-battle tested. The team that's been taking part in playoff games since November, so when January rolls around, the games aren't all that different, while their opponent faces an enormous raise in stakes. That's a thing. It provides an edge. That edge may only last a minute into the game, or it may spark an entire playoff run, but it is an edge. Getting hot at the right time, as the kids might say.

I don't remember KC ever entering the playoffs in that capacity. They've certainly tried the 13-3 route. They've squeaked in at 9-7. They've limped in following a 9-0 start. This season, they have a chance to charge into the playoffs like Spencer Ware taking on a defensive back.

Perhaps this is nothing more than an optimistic Chiefs fan drinking some kool-aid. But it's just like, my opinion, man. And when it comes to the Chiefs' history in the playoffs, I'm willing to try anything new. Maybe even, playing a team other than the Colts? Ok, that might be asking too much.

Lets have an animated discussion about yesterday's High Boltage shellacking...

The Best and Worst w/ His Dirkness

Best defense in the NFL - Chiiiiiiefffffsssss. Or, AT LEAST, the second best defense in the AFC West! What an absolute dominant performance yesterday. That game was never in doubt. I was fine with all of the conservative passes, field goals, and punts on 4th and 2 on the Chargers' side of the field because I knew they were the better team from the get go.

Best stat - The Chargers never crossed the Chiefs' 34 yard line yesterday. Domination.

Best player on the field - Tamba Hali. Sweet fancy Moses, what a performance. Sunday served as a 60 minute rite of passage, with Tamba Hali mercilessly removing the crown from King Dunlap's head and placing it atop his own dome. And with that beautiful ceremony, a new ruler was crowned. ALL HAIL KING TAMBA.


Best football of his career - Eric Berry. And I think I know why. Let's rewind this back. Bob Sutton and Romeo Crennel both liked to play three safeties in their nickel subpackage. This means one of the three usually plays in the box, masquerading as an ILB. For most of his career, Eric Berry has been that guy. And he was aight. He was praised for his versatility. But he also wasn't the playmaker many of us hoped he'd be, nor was it the role many of us imagined him in when he was selected in the Top 5. On to 2014 - Berry's diagnosis is revealed. The Chiefense is forced to reconfigure. Husain Abdullah moves from deep safety to box safety and Ron Parker slides from nickel CB to deep safety, where they both flourish. On to 2015. Abdullah is now comfortable as the Man In The Box. Parker is forced back to nickel CB due to Gaines' injury (he's the duct tape of this defense), while Berry returns to form just in time to slide into his proper place at the back of the defense. Now he's free to roam around, make plays, and pounce at the slightest hint of wounded prey, where he shall then layeth the smacketh down.

Best way to beat cancer - Kick all of its ass. What an inspiration.

Best player in NFL history - Sean Smith. I mean, he's the entire difference right? From the Chiefs allowing 31.3 points over the first four games (his suspension + a grace period week) to 12.2 points over the last 6 games. Not to mention, here are the scores in the game when they allowed their last three touchdowns allowed: 38-3, 29-0, 29-6. That stat is brought to you by Deffenbaugh Industries.

Best evidence that Sean Smith actually played football yesterday - There was an atrocious penalty called on him. It was his only time appearing on TV. Obviously, the defense's turnaround hasn't been all him. It's been more of a perfect storm circulating around Smith Peninsula. DJ PoeBerry has also gotten right after not looking like himself to begin the season. But SS21 has made the biggest impact. He's been outstanding and, well, the Chiefs had Tyvon Branch playing CB in his absence at one point this year.

Best way to beat this defense - I'll say with the slot WR. I noticed Parker playing about 10 yards off yesterday, and when I ask myself WWBBD (What would Bill Belichick do), I think my answer is Brady taking the snap and quickly firing it to the slot WR about 10 times a game. But where else? The DL plays like the Great Wall of China. Puff Puff Pass Rush is smokin' fools. They're the best in the league against TEs. They're fourth against the run. Third in third down defense. Sixth in sacks. Second in INTs. And all of these stats include the rough opening quarter of the season. YOU CANNOT SCORE ON THIS DEFENSE.

Best unit on the field - The Chiefs punting team. Suck it, defense. Good things happened when the Chiefs punted the football yesterday. Dustin Colquitt's punts were downed at the 7, 6, 11, and 1 yard lines. His only punt that didn't land inside the 20 was muffed and recovered by the Special Toubs. That's damn near a perfect day.

Best I can tell - It doesn't matter who plays RB for Andy Reid in this offense (oh hey, the offense played yesterday). Honestly, I don't care who's toting the rock at this point, so long as Andy keeps handing that bad boy off. You know the tired cliche that actually applies to Alex Smith - "His favorite receiver is the open one." Well, I'm going to cliche-ify my preferences on the Chiefs' RB situation - "Whichever one Andy will hand it off to."

Best reenactment of Jamaal Charles' touchdown in San Diego last year - Did you guys catch this yesterday? If you overlook the spectacular first 15 yards of Jamaal's run last year (actually, don't do that, enjoy all of that run), the finish is nearly identical to Ware's helicopter touchdown from yesterday.

Best play of the seasonPoe Heavy, Fat Guy Touchdown Scorer. Poe was the heaviest player to ever run for a TD in an NFL game, although are we sure that scale registering Refrigerator Perry at 335 pounds is regulation size OR WHAT? My favorite part of the play was that it came on fourth and goal from the one yard line. Good job by you, Andy.

Worst Chief on the field - Jah Reid. Our first worst of the article! He was getting worked early on. I'm not sure if he improved as the game went on or if Andy just threw more help his way. But what I'd like to see is Ben Grubbs at LG when he returns, with Jeff Allen sliding over to RT. That's their best five.

Best third down play - Travis Kelce's pivot route. He fakes the shallow cross and then cuts back out. I've seen them run it a few times now and the defender is never even close - similar to yesterday when Charcandrick's man wasn't even on the screen when he caught his 47 yard pass. The Chiefs will go to this on their biggest third and 4-6's of the year, mark my words.

Best chance to see history - December 13th, San Diego at Kansas City. Did you know Alex Smith is now 82 passes away from breaking Tom Brady's record of most consecutive passes without an INT? Get your $14 tickets on Stubhub now!!!

Best setup - The Bills play their biggest rivals on the road tonight, which means KC gets their biggest competition at home on a short week. Oh, and if Buffalo loses tonight, the Chiefs will currently reside in the playoffs. What a time to be alive.

Everything's coming up Milhouse,

His Dirkness

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