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NFL picks Week 11: Chiefs-Chargers predictions are in

The Chiefs-Chargers picks are in. The Chiefs are a 3-point favorite. Here's who the Arrowhead Pride staff is picking. Make your own prediction at the bottom.

Joel Thorman: Chiefs 27 Chargers 24

Two things I believe: 1.) This game will be close because it seems like most of these Chiefs-Chargers games are and 2.) The Chiefs are the better team. Philip Rivers taking advantage of the Chiefs secondary concerns me but Chiefs win.

Matt Conner: Chiefs 17 Chargers 21

I don't like this game, for some reason. Division rival, but this week doesn't feel like it. Raiders and Broncos games never have a problem getting geared up, but this is a lame Chargers team already mailing it in for the year. Or are they? Philip Rivers is still the better quarterback here, and Mike McCoy could use a win to stave off hot seat talk a bit longer. At Qualcomm, too. I hope it's a blowout, but something feels off here. So I'm going with feeling over any stats or proof.

Clay Wendler: Chiefs 40 Chargers 10

The Chiefs have found their stride, and a struggling Chargers team will be no match for them. Philip Rivers doesn't have plantar fasciitis, but he'll be wishing he did by the time KC's defense is done with him. Prediction: pain!

MNChiefsfan: Chiefs 31 Chargers 20

If I thought fan attitude had any effect on teams whatsoever, I'd be worried about this game. Chiefs fans seem to forget that the team has lost to bad teams more than once this year, and that the Chargers have a quarterback who is terrifying when he's on. You never take a game against Phil Rivers for granted. He's that good.

That said, the Chargers are a mess right now. Their offensive line is terrible, all their receivers are hurt, they can't run the ball, and their defense has struggled in multiple phases. I just don't see any way the Chiefs pass rush doesn't make Rivers miserable. Andy Reid has easy material to keep the team focused all year (pointing out the games they gave away against the Broncos, Bears, and Vikings) and they should be chomping at the bit to get back to .500 and back into serious talk of a playoff spot again.

Stagdsp: Chiefs 28 Chargers 17

The Chargers are banged up and seemingly reeling. They are wasting a historic season for Rivers. They appear to be the new cellar dwellers in the AFC West, at least until the Broncos complete their descent.The Chiefs are starting to be the team we thought they would be. The defense is making plays, they can run the ball and the passing targets are improved over last year. This should be a win for the good guys. If they are to get back into the playoff picture, they need to take advantage of lesser teams. If they can't win, they lose the momentum built over the last few weeks and we talk about it being an up-and-down year, not a playoff one.

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