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AFC playoff picture: How the Chiefs can move into the Wild Card spot this week

There's a reason for you to watch football all weekend and into Monday. We have a rooting guide for Kansas City Chiefs fans this weekend as it comes to the AFC playoff picture.

Here's how the Chiefs can land the sixth seed in the playoffs by this time next week:

1. Chiefs to beat Chargers

First, cheer for the Chiefs to win. Duh. They play the Chargers and obviously winning is important to the Chiefs staying in the playoff picture. So they must win. The Chiefs are 3-point road favorites.

2. Texans to beat the Jets

Second, root for the Texans to beat the Jets. New York is one game ahead of the Chiefs but has one more AFC loss than the Chiefs do. That means a Chiefs win and a Jets loss means the Chiefs own the tiebreaker over them. Many odds outlets don't have a line on this game yet because we don't know who will be starting for the Texans with Brian Hoyer in the concussion protocol. But does it really matter? The Texans would win because of their defense, not the quarterback.

3. Patriots to beat Bills

Third, root for the Patriots to beat the Bills on Monday Night Football. The Bills are currently in the sixth spot in the AFC playoff picture. The Bills are one game ahead of the Chiefs but like the Jets the Bills have one more AFC loss than the Chiefs do. So a Bills loss and a Chiefs win gives KC the tiebreaker.

Chiefs own tiebreakers

The Raiders, Dolphins and Texans all have the same record as the Chiefs but the Chiefs have fewer AFC losses which is the second tiebreaker after head to head. The Steelers are off this week but will visit the Seahawks next week.

Chiefs schedule

They're all big games at this point but the Bills and Raiders games are especially huge: at Chargers, Bills, at Raiders, Chargers, at Ravens, Browns, Raiders.

Week 11 AFC playoff standings

(Overall record, AFC record)

1. Patriots (9-0, 6-0)

2. Bengals (8-1, 7-1)

3. Broncos (7-2, 4-2)

4. Colts (4-5, 4-3)

5. Steelers (6-4, 3-4)

6. Bills (5-4, 5-3)

In the hunt

7. Jets (5-4, 4-3)

8. Chiefs (4-5, 3-2)

9. Raiders (4-5, 4-3)

10. Dolphins (4-5, 2-5)

11. Texans (4-5, 3-3)

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