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NFL trade rumors: Is Chiefs QB Chase Daniel available?

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The headline here is that ESPN's Adam Schefter has a trade he has proposed, which is Washington's Robert Griffin III for the Kansas City Chiefs' Chase Daniel. This is not a real rumor -- just something Schefter says would make sense as an armchair GM.

Read what he said, and read it closely:

"Chiefs coach Andy Reid liked Griffin III coming out of the draft, Brad Childress is Kansas City's spread game analyst and the Chiefs could have a quarterback their head coach could groom to run it," Schefter proposed in this article. "Perfect. In turn, Washington would acquire another intriguing quarterback alternative, someone the Chiefs have shopped despite the fact he was impressive in the preseason."

The real story is that last line. Schefter says the Chiefs have shopped Chase Daniel. VERY interesting.

The NFL's trading deadline is on Tuesday afternoon, and I was wondering about Daniel's availability as some teams, such as the Jets, are dealing with quarterback problems. I have wanted to keep Daniel in previous years because the Chiefs have been competing for the playoffs and I didn't want an injury to Alex Smith to completely derail the season. He is a really good backup quarterback.

However, Daniel is entering the final year of his contract. If the Chiefs want to get any value out of him, now is the time. Do they consider trading Daniel? Or do they hang onto him in the hopes that they start to turn this season around and have him as insurance if anything were to happen to Smith?

Midseason quarterback trades are about as rare as it gets but if you a team like the Jets, who are 4-3 and have two quarterbacks injured, do you consider Chase Daniel?

Intriguing times indeed...

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