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How many more wins are on the Kansas City Chiefs schedule?

The Kansas City Chiefs move to 3-5 on the season after their London victory over the Detroit Lions on Sunday. That's two straight for the Chiefs, who started the season 1-5. The chances the Chiefs make the playoffs is still very slim but, hey, let's dream a little.

The AFC is really weak this year. Outside of the division leaders, you have the New York Jets (4-3), Oakland Raiders (4-3) and Pittsburgh Steelers (4-4). With two Wild Card teams making it, that means the Chiefs are still in this thing, as insane as that sounds.

So how many more wins do the Chiefs have? Their second half schedule eases up quite a bit but you're still playing three out of the next four on the road against divisional teams. That's a tough slate but I see a lot of very winnable games on this schedule. In fact, outside of the Broncos game, is there a game on here you're chalking up as a loss? The rest of them are toss-ups.

Take a guess below. How many wins do you see here?

at Denver Broncos

at San Diego Chargers

Buffalo Bills

at Oakland Raiders

San Diego Chargers

at Baltimore Ravens

Cleveland Browns

Oakland Raiders

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