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Everyone is upset at Cam Newton's dance but Chiefs' Mike DeVito did the same dance

The dance is called the 'dab'. It's from an Atlanta-based group called the Migos. The dance is basically leaning into your elbow like you're going to sneeze.

Cam Newton did an extended version of the dab, and it became a thing because a.) anything Cam does becomes a thing and b.) the Titans got really angry about it and started talking about ethics in football.

You've noticed by now that people are all up in arms about this dance. But what about Mike DeVito? Did anyone realize he did the same dance ... just not as long and not as well?

This dance is actually a thing all around the NFL, and other sports. Yes, I am way behind what all the damn kids are listening to.

DeVito had someone else teach him that dance, which is not surprising to me. It's actually Justin Houston giving him dance lessons. Frankly, I preferred DeVito's impression of Houston way back in Week 2.

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