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Ejected Broncos player says he didn't mean to punch Jeremy Maclin, Chiefs are the cheap ones

The Denver Broncos player who was ejected for throwing a punch - days after the national conversation was how whether Broncos were a dirty team - says, well actually, it's the Chiefs who are cheap.

Yes, TJ Ward, who was ejected for winding up and throwing a punch at Jeremy Maclin and the teammate of Aqib Talib who is currently suspended for poking someone's eye and the teammate of Von Miller who leads the league in personal fouls, says it's the Chiefs who are actually the cheap shot artists.

"They were a pretty dirty team — the O-linemen, receivers and tight ends," Ward said, via a quote from the Denver Post.

If I were ejected from the game and my team lost its second game in a row and my quarterback put up one of the worst performances in NFL history, I would say the same thing. So I can't really blame him.

"That last play (Maclin) came over and tried to cheap-shot me again and I got emotional," Ward said, via the Denver Post. "I didn't really mean to punch him. I don't even think that I punched him, if you see it, but it looked like a windup. You can take it how it is."

What an excuse: "I didn't really mean to punch him." Almost as good as Talib saying his intentional eye poke was "an honest mistake".

Which excuse is better?

Update: I missed this response from Maclin. LOL.

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